Home Security And Safeguarding Your Property When You're AwayNothing spoils a holiday or trip away than returning to find that thieves have been in your home, and taken your valuable possessions. Home security means taking a few simple security steps before you go away so that you can make your house look ‘occupied’ even if you’re not there. If you avoid the most obvious signs of absence, you can also avoid the pain and distress of returning to find that you have received an unwelcome visit while you were away.

The key to effective home security is to make it apparent to potential thieves that your house is occupied is by removing any obvious signs of your absence. The following is a wide range of useful home security steps you can take to ensure that your home remains safe and secure whilst you’re away.

Milk And Papers

If you have regular doorstep deliveries of any kind, or newspapers delivered, cancel them in good time. Be discreet – announcing your holiday plans in a crowded newsagent, and then advising your address is just asking for trouble. You should always remember these useful home security tips.


Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your letterbox and make sure than any letters stuck part-way through are pushed all the way in. If you receive a lot of post, enquire with the Post Office about their ‘holding and collection’ service, to prevent an obvious logjam of letters and packages.


Home security can be a community effort. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property. If possible, leave a key with them and ask them to draw curtains and switch lights on at night, and off again in the mornings. If you don’t know your neighbours well, ask a friend or relative to do the same – you can always return the favour when they go away.

Ask a neighbour to park a car on your drive, this will deter anyone from trying to get into your property.

Make sure someone has keys to your property, and the codes to your security system if you have one. If you don’t have a system fitted, it’s something to consider before you go away. Just the sight of an alarm box on a wall is sufficient to deter most opportunist burglars.


Don’t leave your car keys hanging on the usual peg in the hall, lock them away in a drawer, along with any vital documents, and don’t leave any cash in the house. No matter where your ‘foolproof’ place is, a burglar will know it, and find it easily.

Garages And Sheds

If you have a garage or shed, make sure it is securely locked, and any windows are covered to prevent anyone checking the contents. Any ladders or tools should be securely locked inside the shed or garage, as an extra precaution.

Smoke Alarms

Check that your smoke alarms are working correctly, it is even more important for home security when your property is empty, when there will be an inevitable delay in checking out alarm systems.

Be A Good Neighbour

If you know your neighbours are away, even if you haven’t been asked to keep an eye on their property, do it anyway, they may well return the favour for you.

Home security when you are away is a matter of simple common sense, combined with a support system of neighbours, relatives or friends. If your house appears to be occupied, burglars will assume it is, but likewise, if your home is obviously empty, it’s an open invitation to a thief. Keep your home safe, enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Your local police force will be able to provide you with plenty of useful home security information and can tell you what security steps you should be taking