Advice on Home Security and Protecting Your Property

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Home security affects all of us and the vast majority of us will all naturally ensure that our homes are secure and locked even when we’re just popping down to the local shops for 15 minutes or so. Likewise, when we go to bed, we’ll lock all our external doors [...]

Leaving Children At Home While You Are Working

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These days, happily, working parents spend far more time with their children than parents of thirty years ago did, but working arrangements can still mean young teenagers arriving home and remaining unsupervised for a couple of hours. For those parents who need to let their children enjoy a couple of [...]

Home Security And Safeguarding Your Property When You’re Away

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Nothing spoils a holiday or trip away than returning to find that thieves have been in your home, and taken your valuable possessions. Home security means taking a few simple security steps before you go away so that you can make your house look 'occupied' even if you're not there. [...]

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