Student Property Rights

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By understanding their rights when renting properties, students can avoid falling victim to crooked landlords, living in unhealthy and unsafe conditions, and losing any of their precious pennies. Contract Negotiations Once you have located the student house you are happy with, the first things you need to sort out with [...]

Crime Prevention Tips for Students

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Living independently for the first time gives you a lot of freedom but in doing so makes you vulnerable to crime. However, staying safe is simply a matter of exercising common sense. High Crime Risk According to recent government statistics, young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are [...]

Fire and Electrical Safety Advice for Students

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With the many exciting distractions of life in a student property, fire and electrical safety are unlikely to feature high on the list of priorities. However, it vital that certain safety standards are upheld. Laws Ensuring Tenant Safety Fire and electrical safety is a major issue in private rented accommodation, [...]

Gas Safety in Student Properties

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Not only is carbon monoxide the most toxic substance you'll come into contact with in your student life but also it’s the hardest to detect. It’s vital therefore that the necessary care is taken to ensure a student property is gas safe. The Threat of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide [...]

Minimising the ‘Student Look’ of Your Property

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Burglars target student properties because they know each owns a small fortune in consumer desirables. To avoid attracting the burglar’s eye, it is therefore a good idea to try to minimise that ‘student look’. Prime Burglary Target Private student accommodation a very attractive proposition to the average burglar, and it’s [...]

Finding Safe Private Student Accommodation

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Time spent carefully researching and inspecting a potential student property will prove time well spent, as it will ultimately save you time, money and misery. Compile a Checklist There are lots of aspects to consider when first viewing a property, and it’s all too easy to overlook important details in [...]

Student House: Choosing a Safe Location

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The location of a student property will be every bit as important to your first experiences of living independently as the accommodation itself, so it’s vital you take time to do your research first. Location, Location, Location As every estate agent knows, location is everything. It doesn’t matter if your [...]

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