Home Security Lighting SystemsBurglars tend to operate on an opportunist basis. They’re likely to target a specific street, firstly because it might offer them an easier and quicker escape route to a nearby main road or motorway, whereby they can get away from the scene of the crime as far as they can in the quickest amount of time, and where the volume of traffic may make them more inconspicuous.

However, in terms of picking on a particular house in the area they’ve targeted, they’re more likely to pick on those where their movements are more likely to be less easily detected and where they feel that the house is going to be unoccupied at the time of entry. Ease of access such as no fences or gates and any open windows are always going to be viewed positively by an intruder but a major deterrent to you becoming a victim of burglary is to install some kind of home security lighting system.

Consider the Neighbours

Before you even decide which type of security lighting to install, it’s important that it doesn’t cause a nuisance to nearby neighbours. It should simply provide a sufficient level of illumination necessary to protect your own property and not to shine on all the other houses nearby. Security lighting companies are best placed to help you with this as they will be able to fit the lights correctly and adjust the range and direction of the beams if needed.

Security Lighting In General

There are many different types of security lighting systems available and they can be very reasonably priced. The most commonly used types are porch/bulkhead lights and the more powerful tungsten halogen floodlights. They work by being activated by passive infra-red movement detectors, more commonly referred to as PIR sensors, or by body heat sensors within a range usually between 8 to 10 metres covering around a 100 degree sensing angle.

Porch/Bulkhead Lights

These are one of the more energy efficient forms of security lighting system which simply use a fluorescent lamp of 9/11 watts and this can be left on throughout the night and won’t cost more than a few pounds a year to run. They can be switched on manually or automatically using a dusk till dawn sensor.

Tungsten Halogen Floodlights

These are the most popular types of security lighting systems in the UK and provide the brightest and most sophisticated illumination. However, it needs to be installed correctly to prevent problems arising from the beam of light encroaching onto nearby roads which could cause problems for motorists. The recommended maximum wattage is around 150. Beyond this, it causes excess glare and also dark shadows in which potential intruders would find it easier to operate. It’s far better to get a security lighting specialist to install your lights as PIR sensors can be triggered even by birds and animals which could cause a nuisance to both you and your neighbours if your lights are continually going on and off all night.

Garden lights which use solar power are another option and are the most energy efficient lighting systems. Not sufficient a protection as tungsten halogen against intruder detection, they are, nevertheless, better than having no lights at all and also help to make your property look more attractive.

Combined with timer-controlled interior lighting devices, external security lighting systems are yet another useful device in securing your home from potential intruders who’ll never quite be sure whether you’re at home or not which is, obviously, a deterrent in itself.