SaferHouses was formed to offer a unique reference point on keeping safe in and around your home.

It may be a sanctuary from the outside world, but as the place where most accidents occur the home is often far from a safe environment. Being aware of the various hazards is therefore of utmost importance so that accidents in the home can be avoided. But what are the dangers and how can we minimise their threat?

A dedicated team of experts have created the SaferHouses site to help answer these and many more questions. This unique reference point offers a comprehensive guide to home safety hazards and practical advice on helping you to keep your home and family safe and sound.

Although by highlighting the various dangers that lurk around the average home – from flooding and toxic poisoning to vermin and fire hazards – SaferHouses might provoke a degree of unease and alarm, its combination of expert advice and enlightening features will help diffuse any worries.

SaferHouses is here not only to help ease safety concerns – with its advice on home security and fire safety – but also improve quality of life in the home. With its features, tips on renovations, repairs, improving air quality and how get some reputable help with chores around the house, your home will soon be the sanctuary you always dreamed of.