Wireless Monitoring Systems

Home security systems have come a long way since we first started installing burglar alarms, light sensors and the like and the rapid advances in home security has been, for the most part, thanks to information technology and to wireless technologies in particular. More than just offering security and protection, however, the latest technologies are easily incorporated into systems which are able to assist us around the home in terms of being able to control many household appliances remotely which makes them even more appealing although, as yet, these kinds of devices are yet to fully penetrate the mass market but that will simply be a matter of time.

Safety And Security

Many of us these days have burglar and fire alarm detection systems in place but the advantages of wireless monitoring mean that if your home is broken into whilst you’re away on holiday abroad, for example, you’ll be immediately notified of that via a text message or automated call to your mobile phone, smart phone or PDA device. Furthermore, by placing cameras strategically around your home, you can then go on to a secure website from anywhere in the world and check on your house from thousands of miles away visiting each room in turn remotely, should you wish to do so just to check up on things. Looking at this in reverse, with many people now buying up holiday properties abroad which they might only use a few weeks or months of the year, you could check on them from the comfort of your PC at home. Not only could you check on things like the weather in your holiday home’s garden to see if the time’s right to book your trip, you could also remotely switch on appliances like the fridge, freezer or the heating or air conditioning before you actually set off.

At home, in a fire emergency for example, say you and your family were tucked up in bed fast asleep and part of the house caught fire, not only would your wireless monitoring system detect that and activate the fire alarm, it could simultaneously turn on all the lights in the house both interior and exterior to enable an easier and more rapid escape and this could also be linked in to the fire brigade and could make that emergency call on your behalf which would trigger the fire brigade to come out to you meaning that all you have to do is to concentrate on getting yourself and your family out of the house and to safety.

Other Uses

Of course, whilst safety and security will always be at the forefront of any new technology that is aimed at the home user for this purpose, wireless monitoring will also facilitate chores around the house. For example, you may activate an oven from your mobile phone so that when you get home, the dish that you prepared earlier is ready to eat and all relevant lighting and heating systems can be turned on remotely. If you have contractors in to do a job on your house, it also means that they can be monitored remotely should you feel the need to check up on them. That would benefit them as they could be left to get on with the job without feeling you are peering over their shoulder at home and ‘keeping an eye on them’ whilst simultaneously meaning that you don’t have to take time off work to be there with them.

Such wireless monitoring systems are already here now but as technology becomes even more sophisticated, they will become even more capable of doing far more than what we’ve touched upon here which will be driven by consumer need and the potential is almost limitless.