Protect Your Home From Lightning Strikes

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With regard to the British weather, most of us are familiar with using our common sense when it comes to thunder and lightning when we’re outdoors. We’ll know not to shelter underneath trees when lightning is in the air as well as trying to get indoors as opposed to remaining [...]

Childproofing Your Home and Making It Safe for Children

By |2021-05-24T12:57:30+00:00August 16, 2007|Hazards|

Childproofing our homes is something that we have to carry out in great detail, especially when children are very young. Although we might all think we are responsible parents who would not let our baby or toddler get into any harm at home, there are many hidden dangers lurking which [...]

Coping With Flood Damage And Action You Should Take

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In the midst of a flood situation there are some very real dangers out there and your thoughts need to be more focused now on yours and your family’s self-preservation as opposed to any damage to your property and belongings. Flood damage insurance claims and flood damage clean up operations [...]

Dealing with Household Waste Safely

By |2021-05-24T12:57:31+00:00May 22, 2007|Hazards|

Whilst everybody needs to dispose of some household waste each week you should try to apply what’s become known as the ‘3Rs’ to managing your waste effectively – reuse, reduce and recycle. Implementing this will limit both the environmental and economic impact of household waste. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste [...]

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